Cojiform interactive

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Cojiform workshops, pop-ups, and kit rentals offer people of all ages a set of hand tools for building creativity. Cojiform invites participants to embrace experimentation, productive failure, and persistence. This adaptable system for interactive exhibits and events uses multiples of three nonobjective shapes, cast in durable urethane resin. The shapes suggest, rather than explain, how they might be handled, arranged, connected, balanced, etc. This ambiguity allows each participant to invent their own approach, affording a strong sense of agency. Creative epiphanies emerge from both individual collaborative and efforts.

Participants can contribute to a gallery of designs on Instagram, by tagging photos of their work with #Cojiform. To date over 8000 people have engaged with Cojiform in libraries, museums, senior centers, corporate spaces, and festivals.


Contact Isaac Bower to discuss options for bringing Cojiform into your facility. Click an image below to see examples of Cojiform workshops, pop-ups, and kit-rentals.